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These assignments are designed to be used within the Workshop and with the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” (BB).

Way of Life

This is a precise process of understanding and applying each of the Steps to our personal lives to produce a “Spiritual Awakening”.

Big Book

The only other thing you will need, is a copy of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.
You can download an online version here.

Welcome Pack

  • This Welcome Pack includes a few frequently asked questions, podcasts and more – to help introduce members to some of the concepts being discussed each week.

Participant Agreement

  • Everyone is asked to read and consent to this “participant agreement” form when you register for a workshop.  It reminds us that there are times when you may need to seek outside help.  We are not the experts. Please look after your self-care – and seek appropriate help when you can. 

Big Book Dictionary

  • This free online resource can help as we learn more about the language of the Big Book.

Step 4 (Col 3 & 4)


Study Group – Suggested format

  • You do NOT have to use this.  Some members have found it to be a helpful starting place. ENJOY!

Interactive Step 4 (Col 3 & 4)

  • This is an interactive form.  You will be able to work remotely, without printing. However, be careful to save each worksheet carefully or your work may get lost.

Interactive Step 4 (Fear)

  • This is an interactive form.  Introducing this form in 2024.  Same suggestions as above – be careful not to lose your work. Save save save.


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