Studying the 12 steps as outlined in the Big Book of AA

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Join us for this journey through RECOVERY. Practical tools for living and WAKING UP to FREEDOM. Begin to live your best life today.

The goal of this process is a TRANSFORMATION – a change in the way we think, feel, and behave.

We fall asleep, every day. Our path here is to wake up – and stay awake!

Wherever you are in your recovery journey – WE WELCOME YOU!

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Meet jo

Jo B has been an active participant in the 12 Step community for over 28 years.  She is passionate about helping people have an experience of deep change – a change in the way we THINK, FEEL and BEHAVE. This is the TRANSFORMATION of 12 Step work – simple but not easy! Jo has been facilitating RECOVERY based workshops for many years. Learn how to apply this work to your own life. She hopes you find this website helpful on your journey today!

Jo B. has been working with Herb K. for over 15 years.  Next face-to-face retreat in California – June 2024.

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Participant experience

who is this workshop for?

Workshops are open to all Fellowships; OA, AA, CoDA, Al-Anon, NA, etc. as well as those who are not in any Fellowship but are seeking a new WAY OF LIFE.

Do I need to be abstinent/sober to attend?

Many of us started this process before receiving the grace of sobriety or abstinence.

We welcome you at any stage in your journey.

what to expect?


– Weekly Meetings

– Assignments and Support

– Learn how to apply the 12 Steps to your Life today

– Study Groups and Community

– Practice “Extended Column Work”

– Facilitated by Jo B, Australia

what you will need

The only thing you need to do this workshop is a “fresh” copy of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (one that does not have any writing or markings in it).

way of life - awakening


… let go of the old stories, they are not helping you!  Begin to live your best life today.

Study of Recovery

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Please consider supporting this group and the work that we do. Your contribution helps and we are grateful for your generosity! We hope to be helpful to all who want and need to change. We thank you!

Find your PATH. Find your TEACHERS. Build your COMMUNITY.


This workshop is not affiliated with any particular Twelve Step fellowship. We study the Big Book and practice how to apply those principles to our lives today.  Our material is designed for informational purposes only. Please continue to seek appropriate medical/professional help where you can.