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The only “wrong” questions are those never asked.
In most workshops with BBW the admission is free. There is no cost. We depend on donations to be here. If you are in a position to contribute we greatly appreciate it. We have monthly expenses such as maintaining this website, other support technologies, preparation of material and zoom accounts. THANK YOU
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Yes. Wherever you are in your recovery journey – we WELCOME you!

· Internet access & access to Zoom platform
· A new/fresh copy of the A.A. Big Book

· Copies of our Free documents: “A Way Of Life” (WOL 2022) and Workshop Assignments (both of them are posted under resources on this website CLICK HERE

· Notebook + pen/marker/highlighter


The goal of this process is a personal SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – a change in the way each participant thinks, feels, and behaves. However, each person will have her own experience. Most people who have completed this process have found it helpful.
It may or may not be different, however, based on the participant feedback, this workshop provides focus and depth that many have not experienced in the past.
Yes. However, the Women’s Workshop group requires  you to register first. This can be done by 1) through this LINK or 2) sending an email to
Jo B has been an active participant in the 12 Step community for over 26 years.  She has been facilitating online RECOVERY based workshops for many years. Her Big Book Workshops are based in “extended column work”. Jo has been working closely with Herb K. for over 15 years.  She hopes you find this website helpful!

· The live workshop is 90 minutes per week

· A weekly 1-hour study group (optional)

· Homework time can vary but expect anywhere from 5 min to an hour per week

If all you can do is show up for the live workshop – that is enough!

Herb K. has personally experienced the power and the effect of the Twelve Step process. His only intent is to share his experience to help others. His journey includes: 7 years in Claretian seminary, a graduate education in psychology, 40 years in human resources consulting, certification as a Spiritual Director, 37 years of active participation in a 12 Step Fellowship and the publication of 3 books on spiritual awakening. Herb often works with the Mary & Jospeh Retreat Center.  For more information go to: 
All Participants are invited to consider joining study groups (optional). These are small groups that meet once per week and review assignment questions.

Step Sponsor and Step Guide are synonyms. They refer to a person who is familiar with the 12 Steps and has volunteered to guide you through the step work either as part of this workshop or on a one-on-one basis. They do not need to be in the same fellowship.


A Service Sponsor is like a mentor around our service work. Someone who has done the work and to whom we stay accountable for balancing our service work.

A Sponsor is usually a “sober” member of your fellowship, who is offering to share their experience, strength and hope on how to live life with freedom from addiction – one day at a time. People can have more then one type of sponsor: service sponsor, step sponsor, fellowship sponsor.

No! However you will be encouraged to have an active relationship with an experienced Sponsor and/or Step Guide. For some people it might be a therapist or counselor.
There are work assignments given at each workshop to support and strengthen your recovery journey. Whatever you manage to get to – it will be enough!
We do make every effort to maintain your information as confidential. However, we can not guarantee the behaviour of others.
Yes! The application of the process can be challenging. Some of this activity, especially the inventories, may produce uncomfortable feelings around unresolved issues. At times, during your personal work, you may experience periods of sadness, anger, or fear. If your personal efforts don’t resolve these feelings, you may find it helpful to seek out some professional help. Whatever your path is going to be – we support YOU!
If you have any questions to which you did not find answeres here, please write to us.